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VIRGINS BREAKFAST  -  12 January 2020.   After many months of essentially no rainfall the skies opened - in a patchy sort of way - but nonetheless we had an excellent turnout for a very early breakfast BBQ at Jollys Lookout.  No heavenly bodies were sighted but the cars looked great, despite the gloom!  Photos from Peter Ransom

WOLF AT ANGELHURST -  March 2020.   A gathering of friends Angelhurst to pay tribute to Wolf Grodd's  founding of the Queensland Mercedes Club, his long association with the VCCQ and the old car movement in general.  Photos from Brian Carson.

IMPROMPTU RUN - COVID STRESS RELIEF -  June 2020.   Doug Heming essayed a pleasant Suunday morning run for us that got some nice cars out on the road for a change.  All COVID-19 guidance observed, of course.  How many cities in Australia offer a suburban car ferry experience? Photos from Brian McMillan

The Ghost of Wagsfarm...
Fiat, Wolseley, Aston Martin
Alvis, Hudson, Rolls-Royce
Studebaker, Alvis,, Hudson, Rolls-Royce
A sun beam in the shadows,

FOUNDATION DAY -  June 21, 2020.   Our club's first formal meeting was held on June 24, 1955, and we would ordinarily commemorate that occasion with the Annual Concours.   But COVID has struck and we can't do a big public event, so, stricken with car-owner-virus, we put on two events each with limited numbers - socially distanced, of course.  

Photos from Peter Ransom, David Fryer

COVID BREAKOUT MEETING - July 17, 2020.   With a strong French theme - cars, dress, food, decor  and a movie - we had our first general meeting since the beginning of COVID-19 restrictions.   Excellent numbers support the notion that we actually have car-owner virus, which is not such a bad thing.

Photos from Peter Ransom, Sheila Mcmillan et autres, merci...

CROWS NEST WEEKEND - July, 2020.   Unpleasant weather kept the older cars at home.  Nevertheless we trundled around the Darling Downs, visiting places that hardly appear on the map.  Some were testimony to the effect of the closure of rail services.  Along the way some unusual cars came to light.

Images from Peter Ransom

Goombungee pub for lunch (1)
Goombungee pub for lunch (2)
Nissan Cedric - a rare beastie!
Alvis dealership
The Wagstaff R-R adds a nice touch to Anduramba
Wotizzit?  See next picture...
Ra's been at the Red Bull

ANNUAL CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE  -  September 2020.    Use the camea to see a dedicated page  

QUEENSLAND MOTORISTS' DAY  -  September 2020.    This event commemorated the day on which Queensland's motorists finally broke the shackles of road rules deigned for equine-powered transport.  The regional city of Warwick welcomed us with open arms and a town crier!