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VIRGINS BREAKFAST  -  January 2019.   We aim to be driving up the mountain (Mt. Nebo in the Brisbane Forest Park) at a time when both the sun and moon are visible in the sky.  This juxtaposition of heavenly bodies is said to have something to do with virgins, although nobody seems too sure just what the connection might be.  This year the moon got away early but we had an excellent turnout of cars and crews.  Photos from Brian McMIllan

MORNING TEA AND A QUICK SHOOFTI  -  6 February 2019.   A fine turnout at the Little Corner Cafe in the lovely old-fashioned suburb of Wooloowin, followed by a visit to the Sir Henry Royce Foundation sub-Archive.  The star turn of the day was the appearance of John and Wendy Wagstaff in Quicksilver, the ex-David McPhee 1909 Silver Ghost.  Pictures by Brian McMIllan

MIDNIGHT TO DAWN  -  25 February 2019.   Cyclone Oma faded away and our intrepid motorists took to roads of south-east Queensland by moonlight, on a route designed by Dave Fletcher. Pictures from Brian McMIllan and Wolf Grodd.

CLUBROOMS 25th ANNIVERSARY - 2 March 2019.   A wonderful gathering of clubs, cars and people celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the VCCA(Q) clubrooms.  Lunch was laid on - thank you! - and everyone enjoyed a rare treat: lots of fascinating cars without the public.. Pictures from Brian McMIllan, wolf Grodd., Peter Ransom

ALVIS CENTENARY NATIONAL RALLY  -  April 2019.   Not exactly a VCCQ event but many of our Alvis owners and friends took the opportunity to join this important event at Albury, NSW.  Pictures from Brian McMIllan. 

Gathering at Monument Hill
More of the same - many Alvii
President Ronnie arrives
Earlier models
Spares department
Military Albion lorry
1910 Empire (USA) Sports
1910 Empire
Pretend Alvis
Lunch break
Lubricant QA Team

SHED RUNS 2019.    In the early months of this year we visited a number of sheds containing impressive collections of the sort of stuff we love - the results of lifetimes of collecting.  Pictures from Brian McMIllan. 


LOST WEEKEND - TOOWOOMBA, May 2019.    The R-R and Bentley crowd used Toowoomba as the base for their celebration of the Bentley Centenary.  This gave us an excellent reason to head in that direction for a weekend of motoring and generally having a good time.  Photographs supplied by David Fryer.

Ladies in the park
Lost Weekend, Toowoomba.
Scotty's Barn.
Wolf's Booty.
Scotty's Barn.
Topless in Toowoomba.
Scotty's Barn
Lost Weekend, Toowoomba (Greg's 356)
Picnic in the park.

VCCQ ANNUAL CONCOURS - ORMISTON HOUSE, June 23 2019.    Perfect weather, a wonderful mixture of serious cars from the veteran to post-war thoroughbred eras, happy crews and visitors all contributed to a great day for everyone.  Photographs from Brian Carson and Wolf Grodd.  Click the central image for big pix!

3-litre Bentley
Alvis Speed 20
1911 Talbot
Metallurgique tourer
Classy spectator...
1929 Pierce-Arrow
Bristol 40?
Wolseley Hornet Special
Shady Morris truck
Austin Seven Sports
1911 Talbot at Mission Control
Austin Seven "Pigsty" detail
Period Dress: Brian Carson
Most Improved:  Wolf Grodd
Riley Trophy:  Ian Hayward
Alvis Trophy:  Dean Prangley
Under 1000cc - Joe WIlson A7
Conservation Trophy:  Jak Guyomar
Best Visitor: Bob Collett Renault AX

MORNING TEA - DRAGONFLY CAFE - July 2019    More perfect weather, very green surroundings, nice coffee and nosh, a friendly water dragon - the right ingrediemts for a pleasant morning. Pix from Peter Ransom.   Click the central image for big pix!