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VIRGINS BREAKFAST  -  January 2019.   We aim to be driving up the mountain (Mt. Nebo in the Brisbane Forest Park) at a time when both the sun and moon are visible in the sky.  This juxtaposition of heavenly bodies is said to have something to do with virgins, although nobody seems too sure just what the connection might be.  This year the moon got away early but we had an excellent turnout of cars and crews.  Photos from Brian McMIllan

MORNING TEA AND A QUICK SHOOFTI  -  6 February 2019.   A fine turnout at the Little Corner Cafe in the lovely old-fashioned suburb of Wooloowin, followed by a visit to the Sir Henry Royce Foundation sub-Archive.  The star turn of the day was the appearance of John and Wendy Wagstaff in Quicksilver, the ex-David McPhee 1909 Silver Ghost.  Pictures by Brian McMIllan

MIDNIGHT TO DAWN  -  25 February 2019.   Cyclone Oma faded away and our intrepid motorists took to roads of south-east Queensland by moonlight, on a route designed by Dave Fletcher. Pictures from Brian McMIllan and Wolf Grodd.

CLUBROOMS 25th ANNIVERSARY - 2 March 2019.   A wonderful gathering of clubs, cars and people celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the VCCA(Q) clubrooms.  Lunch was laid on - thank you! - and everyone enjoyed a rare treat: lots of fascinating cars without the public.. Pictures from Brian McMIllan, wolf Grodd., Peter Ransom