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Luxury Car Tax

Concerned with the negative impact the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) has had on the Historic Car movement in Australia, a group of clubs and concerned individuals have formed the Australian Historic Vehicle Interest Group (AHVIG) under the chairmanship of a former VCCQ President, Doug Young.

This page will help our members and visitors to stay up to date with the Group's activities and progress with relevant articles, links and submissions.

introduction of sales tax on cars in Norway

The banner reads “Luxury tax on old cars kr.500”.  In Norway it's 1935 and these chaps are protesting the introduction of a 1% sales tax on car sales.  

The Petition

Now's the time to support the growing movement to abolish the Luxury Car Tax on historic cars.

To add your voice, just CLICK HERE.


In recent times the importation of an older car has become decidely perilous as the Australian Government takes extraordinary measures to detect any asbestos that may be part of the vehicle in question.


This is a situation that defies logic: take a little time to read the documents below.

Ministerial Discretion

To make matters worse the importation of any older car ("old" depends on the definition du jour) seems likely to only occur at the discretion of the relevant Minister.   AHVIG has made representations to a review - more reading for you...

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