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SIGHTINGS 2021.   Pictures that turn up from time to time, generally of non-VCCQ events and cars 

VIRGINS BREAKFAST  -  24 January 2021.   Covid restrictions made it difficult to schedule a date but eventually it all happened - on a perfect day.   Photos from  Peter Ransom, Brian  Carson, Wolf  Grodd, Henry Hancock.

GARAGE CRAWL -  14 April 2021.   Only one garage to visit this time and it was prertty much an all-British day.  MGs seemed to have it on numbers, but how often do you see three Aston Martins side by sdie in suburbia?   The MG K3 was the star of the show.

  Photos from  Peter Ransom, Brian McMillan

GOVERNMENT HOUSE -  20 April 2021.   Fernbnerg House has allmost always been old car friendly and most older enthusiasts are aware of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VI limousine that resides in the vice regal garages.  David Fryer's enthusiasm made our visit happen - well done!

  Photos from  Brian McMillan, Graham Hesse, Wolf Grodd and ???

SLOWTH RALLY -  May 2021.   A nice turnout of cars and crews for a gentle run to Old Petrie Town - but not many of them serious Slowth qualifiers.  Ian's recently acquired Triumph Gloria Special got lots of attention.

Slowth Run FLYER - David
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Economy Buggy leaving the shed
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Amilcar and Wolseley
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Hudson and Triumph
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Aston May 16 2021
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Wolseley and Alvis
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Triumph Gloria Special - first outing
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2021  BOULES CHAMPIONSHIP - Dayboro, June  2021.   Covid knocked us out last year but  for 2021 over 20 contestants of all ages lined up for the 12 th runninig of The Championship.  Ian Haywood took home the Fletcher-Choyce trophy, pies were back on the menu at the pub and the weather was perfect. A diverse collection of cars rounded out the day..

2021  CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE - Sherwood Arboretum, June  2021.   Chiily early but a perfect day for showing off our cars and talking to anybody and everybody.  The Veterans, Austin Sevens and Rileys were invited this year for greater diversity.

BUNYA MOUNTAINS WEEKEND - July 2021.   Natural beauty, bracing weather and mulled wine all featured in a weekend look at the iconic Bunyas.