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The club has published two excellent volumes that illustrate its history through photographs and written articles - the 25-year book (1980) and the 50-year book (2005).  Both were limited editions and are essentially unobtainable today.

This page can't compete with those books but it will give visitors an indication of the cars and people that have enriched club life over the years.


More images will be added over time.  Come back soon to see  what's new.


From time to time some old club-related movie footage turns up.  Courtesy of YouTube we can nowadays make it available to our visitors.

THE FIRST QVVA RALLY - 1965.  In 1964 a new vintage car club, the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association, became the first of several around Brisbane that offered blanket eligibiilty for all pre-1931 vehicles.  As this clip shows, eligibility was not limited to motor cars.   Interesting times.


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