Since 1955
7 April 2021
We're still affected by Covid regulations that can change without warning.  Check the Events page to see what's happening.

Garage crawl with Covid overtones.  This is Ross Kelly's MG K3 demonstrating the wonderful acoustics under his house.  Click the arrow!

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Since 18 Sept 2018



Monthly Meetings have resumed (July 2020) and are usually held on the third Friday of each month at the club rooms of the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Qld).  Meetings open at 7:30pm but a pre-meeting BYO everything barbecue is typically enjoyed from about 6:30pm.  Supper is provided after the meeting.  Strict COVID-19 restrictions currently apply.


Events of one form or another - breakfasts, lunches, dinners, mid-week runs, weekend and week-long tours - are held throughout the year, with the cooler winter months preferred for touring.  The Annual Concours in June is a favorite and for those who enjoy something different there's always the Virgins Breakfast!


Impromptu Events can be laid   on at short notice.  Ths is how..

The VCCQ Library is well stocked and catalogued.  It's open before and after meetings, with most books available for borrowing at nominal cost.


Newsletter.  The Vintage Car is our monthly newsletter, delivered by email and widely regarded as one of the very best. 

Newsletter Archive.  You can now access the archive containing every issue from the very first to recent times by clicking HERE 

Our Facebook page carries interesting stuff - mainly pictures - from our club and from other parts of the world.  Have a look.

Dating of Vehicles is important in terms of authenticity and a certified dating certificate is mandatory for anyone seeking concessional registration under SIVS, the Queensland Government's Special Interest Vehicle Scheme.  Our Dating Officer assists members in this area.

Useful Products & Services.  At present we don't have our own directory, but you might like to look at the listings maintained by other Queensland clubs with similar interests:



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A Little Background.  In 1955 the Vintage Car Club of Queensland was formed by a group of like-minded Brisbane enthusiasts to foster interest in the history, preservation and use of fine vintage cars.  There were 17 members at the beginning and these days we number around 100.  We're the oldest historic motoring club in Queensland, catering particularly for fine vintage and pre-WWII automobiles.

Classifications.  The cars that interest us are classified in line with generally accepted Australia definitions.

  • Veteran cars: manufactured before 1919. 

  • Vintage cars: manufactured in the period 1919 - 1930 inclusive. 

  • Post-Vintage Thoroughbreds: high quality cars built after 1930 but before 1946.

  • Post-War Thoroughbreds: the very best of those manufactured in the period 1946 - 1960 inclusive

Membership is open now.  We welcome enthusiasts of high-quality pre-WWII cars.   You don't need to own an appropriate car.  Please contact the club's Secretary for further information - just click HERE.

Sending Money?   Banking information for members appears in The Vintage Car.



REGULAR EVENTS.  The events listed here tend to be those organised by VCCQ members or to which we have been invited.  

IMPROMPTU EVENTS.    VCCQ has a Private Members Facebook page on which financial members can post their own impromptu events.   This is how it works.   CLUB MEMBERS ONLY!


Already part of it?  Go to the Private Page.

MUTTON'S to MARKETS (The Slowth Run) - 16 May 2021

Everything you need to know is HERE.

Slowth Run FLYER - David.jpg

FAST WOMEN  -   21 May 2021

You can meet some very interesting women at the May general meeting

Fast Ladies (002).jpg




As usual we’ll assemble at 11am at Tullamore Park , Dayboro, for a quick game or two, and once a winner is decided the Crown Hotel is our lunch venue.


No experience is necessary and ladies and children are encouraged to get amongst it.  Beginners will receive an intro on the day.  There’s no entry fee – just turn up and maybe you’ll take off the Fletcher-Choice Trophy!

SPECIAL INVITATION:  We are pleased to invite members of the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Qld) to join in the fun.


Tullamore Park is accessed from McKenzie Street – look for the sign to the Dayboro Community Kindergarten & Preschool.  Check this MAP.

DAYBORO BOULES  - 12 June 2021


 Planning is under way.

BUNYA MOUNTAINS - 24-26 July 2021

Get into some cool mountain air.   Full details in current issue of VCCQ Newsletter - The Vintage Car

From time to time our like-minded friends in other clubs/states put on excellent Invitational events.


 20 - 27 November 2021

Organised by the RACV and the Vintage Drivers Club, this is an enticing week's program of motoring through much of the eastern half of Victoria.  Details HERE.


 2 - 3 May 2021 - SORRY,  POSTPONED - STAY TUNED

Organised by the Bugatti Club,  Details in the April 2021 issue of The VIntage Car.


No dates yet, but some nice flyers to contemplate.  Can you spot the quirky bits?


A blast for the fast!  Planning is under way.

White-Knuckle Run (003).jpg

TRAMWAYS MUSEUM  - 2021 - date TBA

 Planning is under way.

Tramway Museum (002).jpg
Voison Rad ornament.jpg
WOODS Dual Power Gasoline_ Electricity.J


This page is always going to be a work in progress.  Many pictures will be added over time, so come back again to see what's new.

Brian Carson is a great photographer and an inveterate Facebook poster - if you'd like to see more images try this.

And in 2018?     Have a peep...

What about 2019?     Look...

Perhaps 2020?     Yessir!



Postal Address

The Secretary

Vintage Car Club of Queensland Inc.

1376 Old Cleveland Rd


Queensland 4152


For a map showing our address, click HERE

Where Are We?

Access to the clubrooms is tricky.  Look at the map in Satellite mode and zoom right in.  Access is only from Old Cleveland Rd., down the laneway to the right of the church.

Web Site
Inquiries to the Secretary

Any matters regarding the web site should be directed HERE.


For genuine inquiries please use this form:

Thank you - we'll respond as soon as possible

If you remember Steady Barker


Dear Mr Birkigt…


There’s nothing quite so amorous and glamorous for cameras

As your Hispano-Suiza de la France:

None so fabulous, exotic and narcotic, or erotic

(Thus appealing to all rich - and maiden – aunts!).

I could write a bonny sonnet on the bonnet and how long it

Is from driving seat to scintillating stork;

And the engine’s so elastic and fantastically gymnastic,

With a hind-legs-of-a-donkey sort of torque.

Though it speaks with louder voices than Rolls-Royces, yet the noises

Are in keeping with its origins and birth,

And the character it oozes when it chooses to court floozies

Gives it more than pecuniary worth.

Now I used to know a rotter who had got a hot Isotta

And I’ve ridden in a 30/98;

And I’ve run a natty, somewhat tatty old Bugatti

At an altogether alarming rate.

But I’ve yet to find a motor which I’d vote a bigger quota

Of credit for sheer elegance and oomph.

By comparison the modern trash – all plated flash and balderdash –

Is worth a piece of perforated boomph.




images 001.jpg